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Welcome! This is a small community surrounding a Minecraft Pocket Edition server known as Arocast Kingdom RP. Be sure to check it out after you’ve finished here. We surround the lore of Arocast and remove the unknown around it. We also handle the extended rules of the Arocast Server. We HIGHY recommend checking out the extended set of rules, even if you already know them, as anytime a loophole is discovered, we will take action to remove it.

Warning: You Will Never be banned for taking advantage of a loophole while we have not removed it. HOWEVER. If you are caught exploiting a loophole after it‘s been removed, you will be banned instantly.

We are pleased to announce a new server known as Outerlands Kingdom RP! This will give a taste of what Arocast will be like once finished. Rules are exactly the same as Arocast’s rules, and has an identical ban policy. We plan to release Outerlands Kingdom RP on the 25th April, 2020. However, this date may change closer to development. Lore will be added to the site about this new area. Thank you for following the development of Arocast Kingdom RP, And Outerlands Kingdom RP. This will be the first map in the Arocast Legacy.

Arocast History And The Five Founders Edit

The Story of the Five Founders and the origin of Arocast is an interesting legend that has been told, Not only in Arocast itself, but the surrounding kingdoms as well.

The Five Founders were people from different races, different cultures, different worlds, but they all came together by unknown means.

The Five Founders consist of five Gods and Goddesses, everyone different from the others. The Five Founders consist of,

  • Miss Holly Everlin, A Female Elf.
  • Mr Zachery Death-Rider, A Male Dark Elf.
  • Miss Camilla Red-Blood, A Female Harpie.
  • Mr Michale “Miles” Edgeworth, A Male Troll.
  • Miss Rosalia Blithering, A Female Human.

These Five are considered “Gods” and “Goddesses” by their races, and are seen as a true miracle to all the inhabitants of the kingdom of Arocast.

These Five people went into Arocast When it was nothing more than dangerous land. When confronted with death, a fate they all wanted to receive, they denied it, and carried on to enter what was known as “The Bloody Layer”, A part of the kingdom with inhabitants who would brutally torture to death all outsiders who entered. They fought through “The Bloody Layer” and took the lead city of the kingdom, ending and beginning a legacy.

That day, a tyrant’s kingdom was destroyed. That day, Arocast was born. That day, These Five slipped into the pages of legend, never to be seen again.

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